Exposure for Anxiety

Anxiety sucks. We all get it from time to. But when you are like me and have it in the form of a disorder than its worse.

And I hate to say it but exposure works.

I mentioned it in another post of mine called ‘situation Avoidance’ that I have been using exposure therapy as a way to lessen the impact that the anxiety gives me when I go into situations that I well, avoid.

And I am all for not going into those situations that I want to avoid. But you can’t really live like that can you?

Not when you have to avoid going into places, or avoiding things that would set off every alarm bell in your head.

So I suck it up and go into the situation.

Now I don’t jump right into it. Because That Would Suck.

No the trick is to start with the thing that sets off your anxiety the least in that situation, and after you have got the hang of doing that (which might take some time, but the time it takes does not matter) then you move on the next thing that sets you off.

And on, and on it goes. You keep doing that until you have reached the number one thing that sets you off in that situation.

And by the time you get to that it’s not so bad anymore. And when you master the last one, then your really set.

You will probably never feel totally comfortable in that situation. But you will be able to get through it without panicking and not doing it.

And you will probably stumble some times throughout the process. You might even fail at it a time or two.

But that’s okay, because this will not be easy.

So really, just take your time and get through it at your own pace.

Because eventually you will get to the end.

And at that point you will be able to say ‘I Did It

And from that point on that situation will probably not look so bad or scary as it did before.

So until that point, keep working at it.

You’ll get there.

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