Explaining Depression & Anxiety To Someone Else

Trying to explain how depression or anxiety affects you or makes you feel is hard. Sometimes you just can’t find the right words.

My autism does not help me in any way with it making it hard to make sense of my feelings and making it even harder to vocalize them.

But even when you get rid of that just being able to work up the courage to sit down someone you care about, be it family or just a close friend. To put those feeling out their for someone who you know has never felt what you feel before can be hard.

They don’t understand, and sure best case scenario they try to be understanding. Maybe trying to help by giving some advice that you know will not work. But you know that they don’t mean to hurt you.

But it can be hard to vocalize your feelings to them. You might not want to put yourself out there that much, not wanting to vocalize those raw feelings. Or it just might be that you don’t have to words to be able to tell them what you are actually feeling.

For me writing my feelings have always been better. I have never been able to just put what I am feeling into words.

Trying to put into words what Sensory Processing Disorder is and how it affects me was like pulling teeth. It sucked and didn’t get across like I wanted it to.

But writing it down is something that works for me, it gives me a way to express and get off my chest all of these feelings.

And sure I might not be able to tell someone point-blank what depression makes me feel like. But I am able to write it down and maybe work up the courage to show them that instead.

So If you don’t know how to tell someone you care about how depression or anxiety is affecting you maybe try writing it down.

Maybe you will show it to them, maybe not, but it might just help get it off of your chest. Try it out for yourself and see.

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