Everyday Anxiety Vs Anxiety Disorder

Everybody has anxiety some time in their life. It always sucks when it crops up, but it goes away, or it goes out of focus at the very least. But when you have an anxiety disorder you find that it does not tend to go away. I thought I would lay out the differences in the two.

Everyday Anxiety

A person that doesn’t have an anxiety disorder might feel it when they are in a social situation that they might be feeling uncomfortable in. Or just in a situation that they are feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious.

Or when its to do with big life decisions like trying to get a job, or about to go into a job interview. Or maybe worrying about having to pay bills or having to or just have been in a breakup. Or other things of that nature.

Or when you are doing something in front of people like a presentation be it for school or work.  Or having to give a speech be it for a group of people or just one person.

Or thinks like test anxiety or when you are getting that test back.

And the obvious on of anxiety when you are in a situation of danger or are in front of a dangerous animal or new place that you have never been to before. Or you are about to do something like sky dive or other things like that.

All Of These Things Are Normal For A Person To Experience.

Anxiety Disorder

Now a person with an anxiety disorder will probably never go a day without some worry in their head. And most of the time these worries are not about things like the ones above. Some times they can be, but most of the time it’s over things that matter little or have not a lot of significance.

And people with an anxiety disorder will find that sometime the anxiety can be bad enough that it can hinder their day-to-day life.

Not To Mention That It Can Cause Them No Little Amount Of Distress.

Not to mention that most social situations are anxiety ridden for a person with an anxiety disorder. And can be something that will be avoided if possible.

Social situations tend to be avoided because they find that if they go they will just end up being judged, humiliated, Embarrassed, and other things like that. And even if they do go the people they are talking to are judging them or other things like that.

And The person tends to find that they get out of the blue panic attacks, or just panicked thoughts or feeling out of nowhere. And they might even get anxiety of getting these panic’s.

And while people who have a normal amount of anxiety might get anxiety from a place or danger. A person with an anxiety disorder can get these anxiety’s from a place that holds no danger and they have never had any danger in.

The Same Could Be Said For Situations Like That.

And those things are known to lead to the avoidance of those places or situations.

And people with an anxiety disorder can find that they have random thoughts or violence, sexual, or things like that (Which I have a post on called ‘Intrusive thoughts & Anxiety’).

So as you can see there is a line that is clearly visible to see on the differences between having normal amounts of anxiety and having an anxiety disorder.

And if the things on the anxiety disorder seems to ring some truth to you then it is important to see a doctor about and seeing if they could help you understand this some more.

Not to mention that this might help give some understanding to the other side experience things be it if you are on the anxiety disorder side of the line or on the other side.

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