Don’t Take ‘Write What You Know’ To Seriously

I have a mentioned the writing advice of ‘writing what you know’ and while it is good advice. Especially as something that will be easier of a person and less likely to get into misconceptions and things like that. I also mentioned that this is not something that you have to stick to.

You can do a perfectly good job of writing a story from something that you have no or little experience with.

Most people who write stories about knights hasn’t lived the life of a night.

The same could be said for people who write stories about magic or things like that. Or books about vampires or Shape shifter.

I have read a book about a bunch of hackers and one of them go put through some human experiment. I doubt the writer has been through much of that kind of stuff.

So writing what you know is really just something that you can use when you can and want to.

It can make the whole thing easier on the writer. But it’s not the law of writing.

And if you want to write a book with a character that is the opposite gender of you then you can.

You just have to spend some extra time on it and do a lot of research. But you can do it.

It will just be a little harder.

But that’s what the research part of the writing process if their for.

So just research it, and ask people of the opposite gender of you questions.

it won’t be as easy as writing your gender but it won’t be impossible.

you just have to make sure that you don’t end up spreading misconceptions or false stuff.

so really just take the ‘write what you know’ as something that can be used when you want or as something to fall back on when you need to.

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