Don’t Rush But Don’t Prolong -Writing a Novel

When asking or looking for advice when you are trying to write a novel you always get told not to spend years on it. But you also get told don’t rush through it when writing. And they are both good advice, but you have to find a balance.

Rushing through writing is never good. You will find that there are a lot of errors both spelling and grammar. Not to mention that the plot and just writing in general is  never at its best.

And when you move onto editing you can find yourself having to spend more and more time trying to fix everything, or even having to delete everything because it’s just not what you wanted.

So it’s best to spend some time on the novel. To give it time to grow and be at it’s best.

But spending too much time on it can be just as bad as not enough.

You can find that you over think on it too much. Maybe even hesitate on writing that scene because it’s not perfect yet.

Not to mention that when you start the editing process you may spend extra time t getting rid of scenes because they need more work.

And that can lead to mass deleting of pages and pages of work. Or even making you go back to the drawing board.

And you don’t want to do that.

But you don’t want to spend to little time ether.

So really it’s just a matter of finding a balance of the two to make sure that everything goes smoothly and as planned.

Because both of those two options can make the whole thing worse on you.

So find a nice blend of the two and start writing. Not spending too much time, but not too little.

You’ll get to the end when your ready.

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