Depression – Taking What You Love And Running With It

Something that I found is that when I find something that I love I go full force into it, be it a movie, game, or anything else. Now this probably has come about because of my autism. But its stuck around as a big part of me for some other reasons.

As someone who has depression for years and years and has her fair share of depressive slumps, I like to take as much joy from the things that I can.

This leads me to finding something new that gives me joy and running with it. That thing that gives me joy becomes a part of my life.

If this thing is a new show or movie I re-watch it and learn everything I can about it and the characters/actors.

A while ago when I fell into a bit of a depression I got into the show Hannibal, which I know is a bit of a weird thing to get any kind of fun out of, but as someone who loves horror, and has a bit of a thing for psychology, and beautiful dialogue, but I digress.

I took that show and learned everything about the show from its source material, actors, director.

At a low point in my life it became a big part of my day-to-day life.

And I do this kind of thing even when not depressed because I know what its like to struggle with finding joy in life during times like that.

And that’s really why when I find something that brings me joy I give my all to it.

So what I’m trying to say is that what ever you find joy in just run with it. If you find that you have a bit of an obsession with a particular TV or Book then who cares, if that thing brings you joy then just keep going with it.

Because when you have been at the lowest in a depression then you know how much just one thing can bring you even a little bit of joy back in your life.

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