Depression & Numbness

When people think about depression they tend to think about sadness, but really that’s only a part of what depression is.

As I talked about in my post ‘Depression is not just Sadness‘, Sadness can sometimes play a small or big part of depression. And sometimes it can be the main element in your depression

But sometimes depression can be feeling nothing at all.

Leaving you feeling only numbness.

And sometimes that can be worse then feeling weighed down by your sadness.

Because at least then you feel something.

And yes, sure, you might feel like you would rather feel nothing at all then the sadness, or embarrassment, or anger, that you are currently feeling.

But when all your feeling is numbness it can sometimes take a while to even come to the realization that your depressed.

It can leave you just going through the motions not really feeling anything to its fullest (or at all at times).

And it can leave you with a feeling of wrongness, of knowing that something is off.

It can leave with the answer to what your going through at the back of your mind and on the tip of your tongue.

That Right There.

That is what can make this so hard. Because at least when your sad you know your sad or depressed.

But with the numbness, it can leave you not knowing that you even are numb.

And when you do come to the realization it can lead to a ‘Now what

And numbness can be harder to come out of then sadness.

But you can come out of it.

Because even if numb depression is a different breed then sadness induced depression, it is still just a type of depression.

And all depression can be beat.

It’ll just take time and finding the thing that work for you when depressed.

Be that Medication, funny movies, music, people in your comfort group.

So just find what works for you and you’ll get through it.

Just keep working to get to the other side.


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