Depression is not just Sadness


One thing that a lot of people seem to get wrong is that when a person is suffering from depression is that they feel sad all the time. And while they are not wrong, they are also not right.

When someone is depressed I find that most of the time numb is what they feel the most. Especially in the beginning numbness is what dominates.

After that is when other things start to kick in.

After the numbness I find that self loathing is the next big thing. Followed by anxiety and guilt.

And sure sadness is apart of it. And yes it can be what they feel at times. But it isn’t the whole of what a person with depression is feeling. And it is usually not the thing that they feel the most.

I like to think that award goes to numbness.

When a person becomes depressed it can feel like nothing really maters. Like you are just passively watching everything go by.

And even the things that you love doing, or the shows you love watching can be something that you lose interest in.

Feeling like you don’t really care about those things anymore.

And that can lead to the guilt.

Guilt for not wanting to do the things you love. For not having fun with your friends.

Guilt for feeling nothing.

And the guilt can then lead to self loathing.

Hating your self for feeling like this. For not just being happy.

And on, and on, it goes. . .

So as you can see sadness is not the only thing that depressed people feel.

Most of the time it’s not even the thing that we feel the most.

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