Living with Depression and Anxiety Disorders

I have both clinical depression and general anxiety disorders.

I have been told that it has always been this way. I won’t dispute that and I know that its not something that will go away.

I can’t say that it has never got me down or affected a part of my life for the worst, because it has. And it will continue to hurt my life, to hurt me.

But just like with everything else in my life I will have to push through it. Even if as I walk through quicksand and with every step it feels like I am getting lower and lower.

When it stopped me from going to school that day, or from leaving bed that week.

But I have support, from the people around me yes. But my dog is what feels like my biggest support, always their when I need her, especially when I really don’t want to talk. Not pushing me when I really don’t want to be touch at that moment.

And I would hope that others have the same support, even from what seems like the littlest thing like a dog. And I hope that others will continue to get through the worst moments, because I can promise that it will never always be like that.

I will continue to fight and struggle through my problems and disorders because I refuse to give up. And others shouldn’t ether.


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