Crowd Anxiety (Anxiety, Autism and Crowds)

I have mentioned in multiple posts that crowds are not my thing.

Crowds are something that sets off multiple alarms inside my head. And it definitely not good for either my anxiety or autism.

For the anxiety part of me it sets off alarms on how this can go wrong. Or just the anxiety that comes by being around people I don’t know. So when you multiply that one unknown person to make a crowd the anxiety will just multiply also.

My autism gives me Sensory Processing Disorder which I have a post on. But that just makes hearing harder for me when I am around a crowd. Not to mention that sudden touches always jolt me, so being in a crowed with people who routinely bump into you is not a good place to be for me.

Worst case it can set off every one of my autistic triggers. Which could lead to a meltdown in some cases.

So being surrounded by people is also something that I just don’t like. I like my space and really don’t like to be surrounded, especially when I am surrounded on all sides with no end in sight. Never a good time for me.

It also does not help that I am a very short person so crowds of people, especially crowds of tall people is never fun. Being crowded by people who are towering on all sides just makes me feel boxed in.

Not to mention that being short makes it impossible to see the way out the crowed. I can’t see over the heads of the people.

That makes it so that I can’t see away out of the crowd. To me it just looks like an endless sea of people who I happen to be in the middle of.

It just sets off every single in my brain to start panicking.

So I am really not the type of person that would love getting in the middle or crowds of people without fear. No I would rather wait for the crowd to be gone before heading out.

It’s just not for me.

Maybe I would tough if out for something that I really want but most likely not. But will see.

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