How Autism Creates a Creative mind

One of the things that I am very thankful for that came with my autism is that it gave me a very creative and active mind.

One thing that I have been told and read is that girls and women with autism have a very creative mind.

In one of my posts I had mentioned that I can create words in my minds. When I am sitting in the car or waiting for an appointment I would just sit there staring off and creating stories in my head.

And I would not just thing these stories. No, I would liken it to movie inside my head. I could see the world and the people like you would watching a movie.

This is a great thing for my writing.

Another thing is that as child I would love arts and crafts along with painting and drawing. I would be doing that all the time as child.

Or how I would have a chest full of plastic toy animals that I would give lives and remember that story and were I left of on it. I was always confused when a friend would come over and not remember the story like I did.

And like I mentioned it is really good for my writing. As someone who wants to become a writer it is a really nice gift to be able to come up with stories upon stories.

Though it does create problems when I am trying to finish a piece of work and my head comes up with a new one for me. And once that new story comes into my head it seems to not want to go away.

And trying to work on finishing a story when your head keeps protesting that you should quit and start working on the new story instead.

But the down sides are few and fare between. The rest of it are benefits that I am very thankful for. And it definitely is not something that I would want to change ever.

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