Creating a World Through Writing

One of my favorite things to do in writing is creating the world that the characters live in. But it can be hard sometimes with how to go about it and how much information to give out.

Like with information dumping, something that you should not do. Giving too much information all at once can be confusing for the reader. And sometimes it can be a little boring to read.

And contradicting information can be bad also, or giant plot holes in the worlds design. They can also be frustrating and confusing for the read. And there is nothing that fans of books like to do more is point out those plot holes.

So one thing that I like to do when creating a world is write down the laws of this world. Write down the big things that are not allowed, that must be done. And I also like to write down what is socially acceptable and how the people of this world are supposed to act like.

I also like to write down the history of this world, it does not have to be very detailed, but at the very least I like to have a history of the place they live.

I also like to have written down what this world looks like, what the buildings look like, what the towns look like. Things like that.

One thing that you should know is that not everything that you write down, not every bit of history, of laws, of landscape is going to be going into your book.

Readers don’t need to know the whole history of every building in the town. They just need to know enough about it.

But I like to know all of it so I don’t end up contradicting something, or messing something up.

So I do think that it is good to know this stuff.

That does not mean that you have to be like me and have tons, and tons, of information on everything.

But you should have enough information to be able to do justice to the world that you are creating.

And when in doubt, research.

There is tons of information that you can use to create the world that you want. There are even books on this very subject.

So use this information how you will, and create the world that you want.

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