Constant Worry & Anxiety

With an anxiety disorder in my life since as long as I can remember I have always had worries. It was their constantly in everything that I do.

Sometimes it was the same worry, sometimes my mind would change it up and give me something else instead. But it was always there.

When you have an anxiety disorder you tend to always have some worry going on in your head. Always there, always present, and always in the back of your mind unless focused on.

But you can be going about your day with this worry in the back of your mind. Not focused on but still around. Just hanging there still in your mind but not the center of it. Not yet.

And when you push it away it does not go away, not fully.

And sometimes when you push it away and some how get it out of your head that can make it worse sometimes. With is suddenly without warning popping up into the front of your mind bigger and badder then before.

So it tend to just linger in the back. Letting you see it, but not having to have all of your attention on it.

Now this worry is different depending on the person, the time, the day, and what type of anxiety you have or what type of anxiety disorder you have.

And sometimes the worry changes up from what you are usually worrying about.

Or sometimes you are stuck with the same worry for days, or months, or years.

Sometimes with fixable worries, sometimes with non fixable worries.

But one thing stays the same.

You Always Worry.

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