Consistency in World Building

I have mentioned world building in my previous post ‘Creating a World Through Your Writing’. And in it i mentioned about contradicting information. I though I would get more into that.

When you are writing a world you need to be able to write in with consistency and no contradicting information.

Because If you Don’t Someone Will Find It And They Will Point It Out.

But you also have to no the good and the bad of the world.

I have a manuscript in the works that has to do with an arranged marriage gone bad. But in this work I also have arranged marriages that have gone fine going on all around the character.

Because if I am to portray a world were arranged marriages are normal then they are going to be ones that go good.

I know the history of arranged marriages (I am obsessed with the Victorian era) I know why they were they. For stability and money in most of the cases.

So it’s not good to only use the bad and make a whole world around it. Because if you think logically a world would not have that thing in it if it always went bad.

So take that example and use it for other things.

If your world has a law in it about something that hurt lots and lots of people them why is it there?

If you can justify why it is their logically then good. But if it should not be then it can end up being something of a contradiction if you add other information.

So make sure that you take both the good and the bad and the logical when trying to create  a world.

And make sure that you keep all of your information straight and have it all saved somewhere so not to lead to contradictions.

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