Common triggers for Depression

Depression just like anxiety can and does have triggers. But sometimes it can be hard to know what triggered the depression. So here are the common triggers for depression

  1. Stressful Events. Stressful events can be hard on any person. But the stress can be the cause for a depression. Especially when you spend all of your attention on this stressful event and not asking for help or seeking out friends or family. Dealing with stressful events by yourself can be hard on anybody, and may be cause for depression.
  2. Being Overwhelmed. Just like with stressful events, overwhelming events can be hard on anybody. But if you are trying to do this all by yourself can be even harder. And it can leave you feeling like you are not doing enough, or like you are failing.
  3. Hormone Changes. hormone changes, be it through medication or age, or any other thing can cause a rise in the chances of depression. And if you have a history of depression it can lead to higher chances of depression during events like menopause and pregnancy. And can also be the reason for depression being ever-present in kids going through puberty.
  4. Illness. Having an illness can also be a cause for depression. As you can probably guess this is higher in chances in people with serious illnesses. But can also be present in less serious ones as well. Things like colds can make you feel tired and just overall like crap. And that can lead to depression.
  5. Losing A Job. This is one that you can probably guess. Losing a job can be hard on you. And having the stress of having to find a new job, or feeling bad for being fired or laid off.
  6. Lack of Body Confidence. This could be from many things be it weight, height, looks, or any other. But going through body trouble can be hard on a person and can be the cause for depression.
  7. Life Transitions. Transitioning from one stage to another can rise your chances of depression. And this could be a big change or even what seems like a little change. But things like moving houses, moving in with somebody, going to a new school, or going to college. Any of those things and  more can be hard on a person.

So there you have it. 7 common triggers for depression.

maybe this will give you some answers for what that depression you where going through was about.

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