Christmas Holiday Anxiety

With Christmas just around the corner (Its literally just a week away. A week… I still haven’t finished Christmas shopping for everyone) It can bring a lot of anxiety for the average person.

But it can sometimes feel like double that if you have an anxiety disorder.

This can be for several of reasons.

You may have anxiety over how much money you have to pay for all these gifts you have to pay for, if you are spending to much on one gift, not enough on another.

Anxiety over what type of present to get someone, where to get something that someone wants.

You may even have anxiety over your own Christmas list. If you are going to get something that you have and are going to have to face being happy over liking it in front of everyone. (That in itself can be anxiety inducing, I mean what if you don’t face liking well enough and everyone can see that you have it and then suddenly they feel bad, and you feel bad that they feel bad, and then suddenly everything is awkward.)

You might even be feeling anxiety on telling people what you want for Christmas because is what I want to much money for someone to spend? Am I asking for too much?

But even just telling someone to get you “Whatever” can be anxiety inducing because not only can you not like it. But it can lead you to feeling anxious because what if they are anxious about not knowing what to get you all because you didn’t tell them what you want.

So, all around the Christmas season can suck and make you wish to be a kid again when you didn’t have to worry about all of this.

But its important to remember that this is only one day of the year.

Christmas is rolls around and suddenly its over.

Not to mention that giving the ‘Perfect Gift’ isn’t as important as being able to spend time with the people you want to give the gift to.

because really that ‘Perfect Gift’ that was given will not the center of the memory of the Christmas they got it.

It will be the people and the actions that the people around them got into that will be remembered.

It will be the faces of the people who open gag gifts and the laughter from everyone else.

It will be the brother who unwraps his gift to find that his gift was put in a tampon box and the unimpressed embarrassment on his face as everybody laughs.

It will be the little girl who unwraps a gift to find a Michael Jackson book while being told that there is money stuck between the pages and having to flip through it having to face her irrational fear of Michael Jackson. (Okay this one was me… at age seven or so I had a phobia of Michael Jackson for some weird reason. Still unimpressed that you didn’t that to me Sister.)

These are the things that are remembered.

And I know firsthand that letting go of anxieties isn’t easy.

But hold these thoughts in your mind and look back on what you remember of past Christmases.

Because I am sure you have your own stories that remember.

So have a Happy Christmas, and hopefully some lessened anxieties.

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