Character Death Matters (Writing Character Death)

The death of a character in your work is something that should be a big deal. And It Should Always Have A Purpose.

Every character in your work should be their for a reason. Even the character that the main character bumps while walking down the street. Especially if you go into detail on them.

And the death of a character is the same way.

The death of a character should never be their just because you want them to.

That does not mean that you can’t have a character that you introduce into the story just to die. But their death must be for a reason, and It Must Further The Plot.

And I do believe that the best character death is the character that you put an effort into.

But it is good to remember that there is a fine line you walk when killing a character.

I am sure that you have read something that you go mad at with the character that was killed. Be it because you felt that they should not have died, or that they should have been able to survive that.

So make sure to keep that in mind when writing character death.

Never Kill A Character In A Way That The Character Is Known To Be Able To Survive.

Everybody hates when that happens to a character in the book they are reading. And you don’t want to be the writer that wrote that.

But the biggest thing is that the character that you should plan ahead the death of that character. Don’t just do it on a whim, know from the beginning that the character is going to die.

But don’t let that stop the character from being a well-rounded one.

Nobody cares if a flat character dies.

So even if you know from the beginning that the character was going to die, make sure that they are a developed well written character.

I hope you can put this advice to use. I have a lot more about character death that I will probably post some time.

But for now this is what I have.

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