Changing Likes and Depression

One of the things that you may notice happening when you are depressed is your likes change.

You may notice that the show that you love to watch is not as fun as it used to be to watch. Or that you just don’t find in funny or appealing to watch.

You may find that painting or drawing is not fun to do any more. Or that craft you were working on is not something that you feel like finishing anymore.

Or that the video game that you loved to play is not even touched anymore.

It can go on and on.

All of the fun things that you loved. All of the shows and games that you loved to play and do are not something that you really care about anymore.

And noticing this stuff can make your depression worse.

When you notice that this thing used to be fun. That you should be having fun doing this thing but you just are not.

And you want to have fun doing those things but you are not so it causes you to feel more depressed.

And it can cause a cycle.

What I like to do to help with this is that i try to find new things that I would like to do. New things that I can try to might end up having fun with.

Or even finally trying that things I have been wanting to do. Or finally get around to watching that show or movie that I have been meaning to get to.

And once I am feeling better, once the depression has lessened I can go back to these old things that I used to love.

And If I just don’t like some of them anymore then its fine. Tastes change over time.

You don’t like all of the same things that you did a few years ago. So it’s fine to let go of some of these things now.

I still have the new things that I have found and now enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Changing Likes and Depression

  1. Nice that you’ve found some new things to enjoy in life! What we need to learn is to let go of old things if we don’t love them anymore.

    1. That is true. Though it can be hard, especially when you just want things to go back to how it was before the depression. But when you do learn to let go it gets a little easier.

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