Burnout and How it Affects Writers (Writers Burnout)

Writers Burnout. Just the world can make any writer shudder. It’s up their with Writers Block in the forbidden things to say to a writer.

Though it is important to remember that Writer’s Block and Writers Burnout are not the same thing. Writer Block is when you try and writer and the words just won’t come out. You know what you want to write but can’t seem to find the way to phrase it. Writer’s block is staring at a blank page while wanting to write. You can work through Writer’s Block.

Writers Burnout is a whole other beast. Writers Burnout is when you can’t write. You just can’t. You want to be away from writing as much as you can. You need a break from it because you are actually sick of writing. You can’t think about writing right now. just thinking about what you need to get done writing wise causes your stress to rise.

And this can lead to problems.

Because when you get Burnout it makes you hate writing, And that’s not what writers want.

(I mean when you become a writer it’s because you love writing. Writing is already hard as it it’s there ain’t’ just anyone doing it for other reasons.)

Writing can be hard. It can be hard, it can be stressful, it can be draining. We all already know that writing isn’t all frolicking in the flowers and pumping out books.

But it’s when the stress adds up that things can get bad.

When the stress adds up and you continue writings as you have is when Burnout can hit.

And that makes everything go downhill.

It starts with stress rising even more.

It continues with realising how much work that you yet have to do.

Then it’s falling behind due to the stress and realising how much backlog you have.

Then its stepping away from writing for a second and then realizing that you don’t want to step back into it right away.

All of this makes stress rise and rise. It affects every facet of your life. You are stressed, tired, depressed over this. You know you liked writing, you know that you need to finish writing what you have been. But you just can’t do that right now.

Because you don’t like writing anymore. You started out liking it, you liked it up until just recently. but you don’t now.

And that can affect things. Because you don’t want to hate writing. And you may even hate yourself for hating writing.

And so things may continue for a while.

Burnout can last weeks, months, even years.

So it’s really important to let yourself take a break, to slow down.

It’s important to advocate for yourself when you need a break.

And I know everyone everywhere is always telling you to just write that book, to just get it done. And you can do that, you can push yourself to get that novel done.

I am not telling you to not do that. You can do that.

What I am telling you is to listen to yourself when you are starting to hate writing or are getting stressed and realize that you need a break. Because breaks are okay.

Because nobody wants you to hate writing and stress yourself out in the process of getting that book done.

So take a deep breath and just write what you can. And take all the breaks that you need.

You’ll get that novel done. And hopefully not hate yourself in the end.

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