Being an ever Anxious Person

I think its obvious by now that I am an anxious person. If you didn’t know that then hello, you must be new, check out my other posts surrounding my ever-present anxiety.

But that is not to say that being an anxious person rules my life, I mean it can overflow sometimes and make me have to stop for a second. But I would like to say that I can handle it better now.

And as life goes on I will continue to beat the things that give me anxiety and keep finding better ways to handle it.

But when you have anxiety it becomes a part of your life. It becomes a part of what make you the person that you are.

The way that you handle things or quirks that you have are something that you have because of your anxiety.

And Anxiety will always be there as time goes on with the anxiety only getting easier or harder to handle depending on things as you continue life.

There will always be things that make your anxiety jump even if it’s from such a stupid thing as phoning someone, or making small talk to the person ringing up your items.

So I guess it’s just a matter of finding the right balance of things. And a continued trial and error of finding the right trick to help your anxiety in a specific situation.

And that trial and error can take a long time. And some things just might not work, others might take a while before they start to work.

Not to mention that its probable that you will still have that anxiety even after finding something that works, the anxiety only at a much lower level. And there might be times when it just ramps up for no reason.

But as life goes on and you get older hopefully its something that you can learn to get a better handle on.

Even if it never goes away.

3 thoughts on “Being an ever Anxious Person

  1. It’s a horrible feeling isn’t it? I am sure though, that your blog will help others who are struggling in this area. Your honesty is very uplifting. I wish you peace of mind as you learn more and more about yourself each day and I wish you every success with your writing career. It is possible!

    1. Thank you. One of the reason I started this blog was with the mind set that others feel and go through this too. I really just wanted to help them find ways to over come some of it and know that they are not alone with there struggles.

      1. Yes you are doing a great job. My daughter has undiagnosed Aspergers’ and suffers from social anxiety. Her shyness really holds her back so it is nice to read about the experience of others. It helps me understand things a lot more too.

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