Beatrix Kaiser is somewhat normal (Short Story Prompt)

Beatrix’s luck in life was like a hormonal chick on her time of the month. She could be going from having a perfect day of finding free money to being hit by a truck.

No seriously that exact thing happened to her just a last week.
But moving on. Beatrix was pale and had raven colored ringlet hair down to her shoulders, and dark blue eyes like the deep ocean.
She was the middle child of two sisters, Belladonna and Wysteria. And compared to them she was the normal one.
Belladonna was pale haired beauty who was just as poisonous as the plant she shared a name with. It suited her as she was just as cunning as a snake whispering honeyed words and sweet smiles before striking.
And Wysteria was like a brown haired hurricane. Always misplacing everything she owned from a wallets to a laptops and more, only for them be found by others everywhere and anywhere. Not to mention she always seemed to destroy everything and everyone she came into contact with.
So compared to them Beatrix felt lucky to be as she was. Even if she loved her sisters, she never wanted to be anything like them.
So for that she felt lucky to be at least somewhat normal. Lets’ hope this luck lasts

  • Just A story synopsis I found in one of my many binders of stories and ideas. Might make it into a novel/short story one day.

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