Autistic Meltdown Told by An Autistic individual

Meltdown’s are the bane of any autistic persons existence.

Meltdown’s are NOT TEMPER TANTRUMS. Meltdown’s happen to an autistic person when they become overwhelmed by a situation or have a sensory over load. It causes them to lose control of themselves.

Its out of the person’s control, leaving them screaming and crying, and well having a meltdown.

When the situation becomes to much to handle or to much sensory input is taken in, it all starts to build up until to over flows and explodes on you. It leaves you just wanting it all to stop, it all just becomes to much and you don’t know how to handle it.

So you break down.

Meltdowns can cause an autistic to cry, throw things, scream, and even hurt themselves. But there are not tantrums in that we don’t do this on purpose, we don’t mean to explode like this. We just don’t have an outlet and it overwhelms us and we lose control.

Different autistics can want and need different things when they have a meltdown. For me I just want to be left alone, to especially not be touched. Doing ether of the two things can just make it worse.

Its very frustrating for me when people don’t leave me alone when I have a meltdown, and yelling just makes in 100% worse on me.

When I come down from a meltdown though I feel ashamed, wondering why I did that. I don’t want to talk about it right after, if it needs to be talked about, to find out why it happened I need at least a day to processes it all.

They can be sort of prevented or at least slowed down by finding what triggers them and try not to change any routines. But they happen, its just a matter of finding what they need of out it, and noticing why they happened.

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