An Autistic Individuals Imagination

One of the things I am so very thankful for that came with my autism is a vivid imagination.

as a kid I used to live in my head all the time, creating worlds their to live. I used to call it my escape, as that’s what I used it for, to get away from the troubles and pressures of the world. Especially

I used to describe it to people as I would being seeing out of my eyes, but I wasn’t really looking, I was in my head thinking up worlds and people. And I use this now to create stories, or when I’m sitting in a long car ride, or waiting for an appointment.

The characters I create for stories, especially my novels have likes and dislikes, favorite foods, and even thoughts on situations. I could be walking down the street and see a house for sale and know what Nico would think of it, if she would buy it and why.

That is not to say their are down sides to this. When I am about to go into a situation I can think up multiple scenarios of how it can go wrong, all in H.D inside my head. Or times when I can be going about my day when something embarrassing that I did years ago can pop up inside my head, as clear as if it happened yesterday.

The good outweigh the bad to me at least, as I wouldn’t give up my imagination for the world.

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