Autism & Tip Toe Walking (My journey to chronic pain)

Tip Toe walking or walking on the balls of your foot is something that someone with autism can come do.

From the moment that I could walk I was on the balls of my feet.

I continued to do that for years and years.

Even now much of the time that I am up and walking, but that is for a different reason.

The way that it’s been explained to me is that tip toe walking starts off as a type of stim. And then it just continues.

At least that was the case for me.

Like I said above, I walked on my tip toes for years.

Even when I was in elementary, I wore mostly heels, now they weren’t six inch heels, but still heels.

But this led to problems later in my life.

At the age of maybe eleven/twelve I had to get surgery on my tendons for pain and, well, tendinitis in my achilles tendon.

What had to happen was that they had to lengthen my tendons because they were to short, and I could not walk on my flat feet.

So, after a surgery I spent the summer in two casts.

That fixed one problem.

After the surgery, I was able to walk on my flat feet.

But I still spent most of my time on the balls of my feet.

Both because if I was not conscious that I had to be on my flat feet I ended up on my toes again.

And I spent all my life on my toes, this means that I found that I was clumsier on flat feet, had less balance, didn’t know how to walk on flat feet.

So, this went on for years after the surgery, I went on with my life, Sometimes on my flat feet. But most of the time on my tip toes.

Now, as an adult, with more knowledge, life experience. And really the ability to understand the affects that my habits that you do, or don’t do, with your body, can have lasting affects on your life.

It has now been years since that surgery that I got because I has in pain.

I am now an adult.

I also now having been seeing a couple doctors because walking hurts.

One of the reasons for that is because I didn’t really do anything after I had my surgery.

But this has all lead to some chronic pain issues and pain that flairs up with every step, and even when I’ve spent days off my feet.

Now this isn’t me saying that stiming is bad, that it can lead to this type of thing.

Just that some things might, some stims should be worked with to either stop or find a substitute.

And most of all, this is me learning from my past mistakes, but I learned only after it led to me dealing with pain.

And really, all of this has just been my journey.

One that I am trying to set on the right path to hopefully get better.

4 thoughts on “Autism & Tip Toe Walking (My journey to chronic pain)

  1. I’m sorry about the pain you have experienced. My oldest daughter (19) had to have physical therapy for the same thing about five years ago but it didn’t really help and she still has very limited motion. Thankfully no pain. I wish I had helped her to walk flat-footed but she was so resistant.
    Her little sister (who is autistic) is three and walks on her toes 100% of the time and I worry she will have pain later on. I don’t know what I can do, any suggestions?

    1. I am not a expert on this, but I think that getting in to see an Occupational Therapist may be able to help. You may be able to find one by just looking them up online for your area, or asking an autism specialist (be it therapist or psychologist) if they know one, or know any way to help. Its good to remember that toe walking is a stim, and that means that its done because it feels good. And as life goes on it just becomes habit.
      So maybe your seeing someone who can help you break these habits early may help.

      Good luck, and hopefully this was helpful

  2. Strangely I do this sometimes. I’m not sure why but it occurs to me so I occasionally do it. I wear heels as well because I’m so short but it’s usually a relief to take them off.

  3. It was really the opposite for me. I could wear heels for hours and hours without much pain. Its only now that I try not to wear heels all the time because of how I’m working to fix the tendon problems.

    Now I only wear heels if I know I am going to be walking for long, as it softens some of the pain that I will feel from walking for along time.

    I am also part of the short person club, but even heels can’t make me tall.

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