Autism & Sudden Noise

One things that can really not feel good, and sometimes trigger a melt down is a sudden noise.

The sudden noise can be one of many things. Like something dropping, to something bigger like an alarm going off.

But I find that with someone without autism it can startle them, maybe annoy them. But someone with autism it can sometimes hurt.

A dog barking beside you can startle anyone. But it can leave a person with autism with ringing ears and pain.

Not to mention that the sudden and unexpectedness of it can make the whole thing worse. There is nothing worse than something that was not expected happening to someone with autism.

That along can cause panic, but the sudden noise, especially a loud one, can send them into panic.

And it can be hard for people without autism not really understanding that the unexpectedness of it can be bad. But Sensory Processing Disorder making that we process sounds differently then other people.

And Sensory Processing Disorder can be a whole different can of worms. I mean when other people here a plate dropping can be louder than what others here.

And all of that can led to panic and meltdowns.

And even if you were able to avoid the panic it can still be annoying. The loudness of the sound and the ringing of the ears and pain.

And it’s really just something that you have to live with. Just a part of life with autism.

And it may be hard, and it may suck. But you just have to roll with it.

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