Autism and How it how its Affects Eye Contact

Eyes are distracting you see too much, you don’t see enough. And-And it’s hard to focus when you’re thinking, um, “Oh, those whites are really white”, or, “He must have hepatitis”, or, “Oh, is that a burst “vein?” So, yeah, I try to avoid eyes whenever possible. Jack? – Will Graham, Hannibal.

Lack of eye contact is one of the most common signs for autism.

It can be for many reasons, but for me it’s just a deep sense of discomfort.

I have always struggled with eye contact. Sure the more comfortable I am with the person the easier it is for me but it still needs to be worked on.

When I am with a person who I have never met or don’t know very well my eyes tend to flit around the room. I might try to make eye contact with them but just end up flitting around the room.

I can hold eye contact if I really have to but it’s deeply uncomfortable to do so. And it’s just more natural for me to not make eye contact.

I need glasses to be able to see or its blurry at a certain distance. So I have taken to doing what the character will graham from one of my favorite shows Hannibal used to do. I perch my glasses lower and look over them at the persons face.

It makes it look like I am looking straight at them, but I’m not. It’s a neat trick that I have to thank the show for teaching me.

But it is on the ever-growing list of things that I am working on, and will continue to work on. Will just see how it goes and how it changes.

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