Pets and how they Help People with Autism

One thing I hear frequently online and posted and on blogs are that pets are great for kids with autism. And as I grew up with dogs and as mentioned before I have a therapy dog named Bella. So I would like to share what it did for me having a dog.

One of the first things that is pointed out is that dogs are great for helping developed social skills of an autistic child.

Well I can’t tell you definitively if it helped grow my social skills to much, it did get me talking to people. People love to talk to the person with the cute dog. It is a great way to get you talking to someone by using the dog as a starting point. So it did help me talk to people.

But while I am not to sure about how that point affected me I do have some things of my own that show how much they helped me.

Animals don’t judge you. They love you and cuddle you, and are there for you. They wont judge you on your meltdown or your need for structure and routines. It can be loud off to just let out all your frustrations and just talk about it to your pet. They won’t judge, they will just sit there and let you get it out.

They are there for you to pet when you need to calm down, to just focus on the texture and calm repetitive motion of stoking them. They will just lay with you as you calm yourself down.

And if you ever in a fit of frustration push them away, they will not judge you on it. They will always be there for when you need it.

So while I am not 100% sure about the social aspect of it, I am very sure about all of the other things that they can do for you.  And I am always grateful for them for being in my life.

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