Anxiety and Overthinking things

Overthinking is a big part of anxiety disorders. And the type of overthinking can come in many shapes and forms.

In my case, as I have General Anxiety Disorder, I overthink about pretty much everything.

You can overthink about decisions that you are about to make, or have to make. Or about decisions that you made years ago that your anxiety makes pop up into your head.

You can overthink about situations that you are about to walk into. Or about situations that have come to pass.

Or you can overthink about what you want to say. Or again, about things that you said long ago.

I have a problem with overthinking about what I want to say. I can spend a long time just sitting their as everybody around me talks. And I want to contribute but end up overthinking about saying anything.

Sometimes I even end up overthinking about things that I said long past.

But as you can see overall overthinking can play a big role in a persons anxiety.

And it sucks.

It can stop a person from doing something that they want to do.

And its hard to make your brain just be quite for a second and let you do this thing that you want to do. Or say what you want to say.

You end up overthinking about speaking to this person, or contributing to a group next to you’s conversation.

And it sucks because you might have made a friend, or a relationship. And you missed that because your brain won’t let you have that change.

Your brain to busy overthinking and turning out bad scenarios left and right.

And it sucks when most likely nothing catastrophic would have happened.

Most likely you would have just talked to this person and maybe become friends.

The Most Likely worst case scenario, one of you doesn’t like the other and you walk away.

So why can’t your brain get with the program?

Maybe it will with some practice and some learning tools you can utilize.

Maybe it won’t be so bad in the future.

Will see how it goes.

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