Anxiety Over Non-existent Heath Issues

One thing that anxiety does to use is give us anxiety over nothing. And sometimes that nothing can be over our heath.

Now you usually are able to tell if something is wrong with our bodies. And most of the time we are right.

And we should take seriously, if you think something is wrong, you should listen to it.

But sometimes anxiety can make us run wild.

Pulling up things like cancer, brain tumors, or just making us thing that sometimes is really wrong.

And we know that this is not true. But our anxiety is running the show.

One of the worst things for anybody to do, be it an average persons, but especially not someone with anxiety, is to look on the internet their symptoms. You are only going to get things that are going to make you worry more.

So if you are really worried about it, make a doctor’s appointment.

And sometimes you know that its nothing, but your brain is telling you that you are very sick, or have a tumor.

And you might know the truth, but your brain is sounding the panic button and filling your head with all things that are going wrong with your body.

And that causes you to sit there, head filling with thought, after thought, of something terrible.

And it sucks.

So when this happens you have to step back from the situation and take a breath.

Think about it. Do you really think something is wrong? Have you looked at it? Have you checked it?

After that I think the best thing to do is think on it. Do you truly think something is wrong?

You think on it, not your panicking brain, not your anxiety.


So take a step back, make a doctor’s appointment if you truly do think something is wrong.

But don’t let your anxiety scare you into something.

And Don’t Search It Online.

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