Anxiety- Making a Big Deal Out of Nothing

One thing that I hate the most about anxiety is when it makes a big deal out of nothing. I mean when you are going to have to talk on the phone does your brain have to make you panic? No. But it does anyway.

Nothing is worse than when your anxiety starts acting up when you are about to do something mundane and easy. Especially When You have Done This A Hundred Times Before. I mean, come on brain, why now?

Or when it decided to cause a huge panic over health issues that aren’t even there (Which I have a whole post on called ‘Anxiety Over Non-existent health Issues)

Or when You are doing something like paying for something, but all of a sudden because you are with someone new, or the place is busy, your anxiety decides to rear its head and sound the alarm.


Nobody Wants That.

But your anxiety decides to give to you anyway. Because for some reason your brain decides that this is a good thing to put its attention into and cause a panic.

And sure you learn to live with the every growing panic over the little things in life. Because it just comes with the territory of having an anxiety disorder.

And you can get better at dealing with it like any other part of your anxiety disorder.

But Don’t You Just Wish That It Just Didn’t Happen?

Oh, well.

It’s just something that you have to live with if you have anxiety. And it can become more manageable with effort and time.

So as you go on work on it and live with it.

Because that is what you have to do.

Keep walking.

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