Anxiety & Confidence

Anxiety I find tends to lower your confidence. I mean confidence is hard to come by when you are trying to do something and your brain is trying to make you panic.

I mean when you are trying to talk to someone and want to say something it can be hard to work up confidence when you don’t seem to have any at all.

You brain is to busy trying to get you to notice that this will go wrong if you say this. Or that this is how its going to go wrong when you do say this.

So no confidence there?

But even when you do work up the confidence to this thing its hard to feel proud about it when all you feel is shaken and wrecked.

I can’t be the only one who after doing something that sets of my anxiety end up feeling shaken and borderline hyperventilating. I mean you should feel great after facing it but nope, sometimes I feel worse.

So what happened to all of the confidence?

And why when you do use that confidence do you not feel great afterwards?

I don’t no, I wish I did.

But I think it’s just that the anxiety disorder part of me overrides and takes over everything else and stops it from reaching me.

The anxiety louder and more of a presence then the confidence that feels like a tiny spec compared to the anxiety.

But maybe over time it can be built up to tower the anxiety instead of the other way around.

One thought on “Anxiety & Confidence

  1. Can totally relate to this.. the higher my anxiety the lower my self confidence is for sure. Or at leas that’s how it feels.

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