A Finished Novel is not a Done Novel

You may feel that after finishing writing your first draft of your novel that you are done. But that is not true. Its called the first draft for a reason.

And yes finishing the first draft is an accomplishment. And if you have ever worked on a novel before then you know how hard it can be to write those words. But I wish I can say that it is easy but isn’t.

Sure it is easier than the first draft but it can still be frustrating.

Going through the second draft is about finding the mistakes, finding the words that need to be changed, finding what has to be cut, and what has to be added to.

And it can be hard to look at your work and find what needs to go without wanting to get rid of it all. You have to look at it logically and calmly.

And you also have to look at your work logically and know if this will work at all. If this will be something that people will want to read or not.

And doing that can be the hardest of all.

Because even if I don’t like it, some books are not something that people will want to read.

And I wish that any work can be published and read and loved. But that is not the case. So having to be logical about it and not want to break down after spending so much time on this work for nothing.

Yeah, It Sucks

And after all of that you have to find beta readers and handle what they have to say. And after that go through editors and your chosen publishing option.

So no, it does not get easier.

But if you really want to go through all of this then that’s okay. Because maybe this can be worth it.

2 thoughts on “A Finished Novel is not a Done Novel

  1. I’ve written six manuscripts (five of them this year) but half of them are basically incoherent, so I’ve got to decide if putting them through the editing process is worth it and whether they’re even worth being salvaged. I’m going to say two of them probably aren’t worth saving, and one might need to be totally scrapped and have the idea reused. I think editing can be kind of fun though when you’re working on something you’re invested in.

    1. Well good luck with your manuscripts!
      I hope they don’t give you to much trouble. And your right about editing being fun sometimes, I especially like reading through my work when I have had to be away from it from awhile. Not to mention that it brings you closer to it being done.

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