9 True Things About Being a Writer

  1. Becoming a Night Owl. If you are not already a night owl than once you become a writer you will become one. At first you might not notice but soon you will gradually become aware that you have been staying up all night writing and going to sleep during the day. Sure there are the writers that write during the morning but the most of us are the night owl sort of people.
  2. Social Life Becomes Less Important. if you are not already an introvert with little need or care for socializing with friends you soon will be. Now this could be because all you want to do all day is write and not have to take a chunk out of that writing time to talk to people. Or it could be because you are trying to get your book done on time. But the ending is still the same, you will be spending the majority of your time alone on your laptop, probably at night.
  3. Being Looked At Like You Are A Unicorn. You, Publishing a book? No way! People are going to be surprised, they are going to be amazed, they are going to be skeptical. You are going to be a rare breed, something that they have never seen before. Especially if you are younger.
  4. Skepticism. People will look at you with skepticism. They will not believe that you will/already have publish a book, especially if you are a young writer.  They will be people who don’t think you will make it.
  5. ‘You Can’t Make A Career Out Of That’. Writing is not an easy career, but you can make a living off of it. Now truthfully you probably won’t become super rich, it could happen, but most writers don’t get movie deals, or become super rich. But you can make a living off of it if  you continue on and stick with it.
  6. Both Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing Are Okay. While I do think more and more people are leaning toward self publishing today, it is okay to want to go the traditional route. You just have to do your research and find which one is the right on for you. But there is not right way to go about it.
  7. Your Mood Changes On What You Write. If you have just wrote a frustrating scene then you might feel kind of snappish after that fact. If you just wrote an angry scene then you might be feeling angry. Sometimes you feel what the mood of that chapter was.
  8. Working In Your Pajamas. If you are like me and write at home in your bedroom then most of the time you will just work in your pajamas. I mean why not write in whats comfortable?
  9. Coffee For Life. You will soon realize that you need all the coffee. I mean if you find your self working at night than if you want to be awake during the day than you will need all that coffee. And when you need to continue writing than coffee is going to become your favorite thing to continue living.

So there you have it. Welcome to the life of a writer, hope you have a nice journey.

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