7 Common Signs of Depression

As someone living with depression I thought I would lay out the common signs of it.

  1. Constantly Tired. When you are constantly tired, even after getting a full nights rest then it might be a sign of depression. This is especially true if this type of thing came on suddenly and without warning or excuse. If you pulled an all nighter a few times in a row become this happened then a good rest for a couple of days will fix it.
  2. Not Wanting To Get Out Of Bed. This could be because of your constant tiredness, or just because you can’t push yourself to want to get out of bed. If you want to lay in bed for days then this could be a sign of depression. If like above you have a reason for it then it probably isn’t depression. But if you have no excuse then that is when you should take notice to it.
  3. Constantly Berating Yourself. If you are constantly fighting with yourself over nothing then this could be depression. If you constantly beat yourself up over nothing then its time to take notice of it and think about the reasons why you are doing it.
  4. Blaming Everyone. If you are blaming everyone about something that was done, or for how you are feeling then this could be depression. If you find yourself blaming everyone, and I mean Everyone down to every last person in your life then you should take time to think about the situation.
  5. Wanting A Break From Life. If you find your self feeling like you just want a break from everything then it might be depression. If you just want to leave everything that is going on and not have to deal with it now, or maybe never, then you should think about why this has you so stressed.
  6. Pushing Everyone Away. If you are finding your self pushing everyone in your life away from you then it might be depression. If you suddenly just don’t want them around you or don’t want to talk to them then you should sit down and figure out why.
  7. Not Wanting To Do Anything. If you suddenly find your self not wanting do anything then it might be depression. It might be just wanting to not do anything and just lay in bed and sleep. Or it could be losing interest suddenly in your favorite thing to do. You should think about why this is.

And there you have it. 7 common signs of depression. Hope it gives you something to think about.

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