6 Reasons Why I Love Writing

As I have mentioned multiple times in multiple posts writing has always been a passion of mine.

I have always loved it and I would love to make a career out of it if I can. So I would like to give you some of the reasons why I love writing.

  1. Creating Worlds. One of the biggest things that draw me to writing it that it gives me the ability to create worlds from nothing. The worlds I create for me stories have history, that have pasts, they have futures. The worlds are more than just places that my characters live in. These worlds have legacies of all the lives that live there.
  2. Creating Life. Another one of the biggest things that drew me in was that I don’t just create characters for paper. No I gives these characters life, they have pasts, and futures, dislikes, and likes. They have opinions and deep emotions. They have preferred pets and places that they would go, places that they would shop. And not all of it goes down onto the paper but it is all in my head. Because to me these characters are real.
  3. Expressing Myself. As I have mentioned in posts like ‘My Struggle With Words’ I have trouble with words and speech. But writing lets me express myself without having to speak out loud. Writing lets me tell the world the stories and people who have always lived inside my head but never get to be told because I can’t get the words out to tell their story. But with writing I don’t have to speak them, I just have to write them down to be told instead.
  4. Finding That One Untold Story. Have you ever had an idea for a book you would love to read but can’t find a book that goes with that preferred story? Well I have and that is one of the reasons I write, I have lots of stories that I would love to read but I can’t find ones that are like what I want. So I write them myself. I write the stories that I would love to read. I love to write these untold stories and watch the twist and turns that my mind made for them.
  5. Watching Someone Find Joy From Your Story. I have always loved watching others reactions to reading the stories that I would let them read. I have gotten better over the years of letting the stories that I have written out. And I have found nothing better than watching someone love the story that you have written. Of them telling you that they like it. It makes all the hard work you put into it, all the anxiety at letting them see it, it makes all that and more worth it.
  6. Being The God Of Your Own World. When you write you are creating a world out of nothing. You control this world and everything that happens to it. And when a friend made the comment that being a writer was like being the god of your own world I found it funny. Because well, it is kind of true.

Those are 6 of my many reasons for loving writing, and I am sure that if you asked a different writer they might give you some different reason. All of us writers have different reasons we want to and do become writers and authors.

And I am just one of the many.

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