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6 Myths About Mental Illness

as each year goes by mental illness is getting more and more attention. And although I am happy that it is getting easier for people to talk about it without stigma there are still some things that people spread around that are in fact myths.

  1. Therapy/Self Help Does Not Work As Well As Pills. Finding the right therapist/Self help method can work just as well, if not better than just taking medication. Therapy is actually something that can help sort out why the person is experiencing what they are. Medication does help but finding the route of the problems is usually better than just medicating to stop it temporarily.
  2. People With Metal Illness Can Be Violent. I have seen this around especially with people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and Borderline. But if you actually look at the facts people with borderline and schizophrenia are not usually dangerous. And if they are it is usually to themselves and not others. But still these two disorders get a bad rep for them being more dangerous than most cases show.
  3. You Should Have Been A Better Parent. You would not believe the amount of times that I have seen this on the internet and even in life. Sure somethings could have been made easier with a different parenting approach. But most of the time it is not the parents fault. If their kid has anxiety disorder, or depression, or even autism it is not their fault. And they most differently did not raise their kid to be autistic.
  4. Kids Will Grow Out Of It. While sometimes a kid could just being shy or nervous like any kid would. But sometimes it is more than that. And a kid with mental illness is not just going to grow out of it.
  5. Kids Don’t Get Mental Illness. If you think about it this has been around since about the 17/1800’s. Back then a child was seen as a ‘clean slate’ who were ‘pure’. It was only when they become adults that they could be corrupted with being ‘evil’. We know that is not true now. So you should remember that it’s not true with mental illness either.
  6. Mentally Ill People Are Stupid. Just because someone has a mental illness does not mean that they are not smart. Those two things do not equate the other. Just because someone has something like schizophrenia does not mean that they can’t also solve hard math problems.

Each of these are something that I have heard by multiple people more than once. And I do think that it’s time that people should know these things. That they should know and understand that this is not true.

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