6 Lessons I Learned Because of my Anxiety

I have General Anxiety Disorder. I have mentioned this multiple times over many of my posts. But I have learned some lessons that I have taken with me from my anxiety. I have even learned something because of my anxiety.

  1. Self Awareness. One thing my anxiety gives me is a fear of being attacked. So because of this I am routinely aware of what is going on around me. Because of this fear I know my limitations of what I could do if I were attacked. And because of that I am always thinking about the things that I could do.
  2. Psychology Terms. Because of my anxiety I know the terms used for the things that my brain does. Like ‘Intrusive thoughts’. And because I have learned these terms I can logically know what my brain is doing and work on the steps to stop these thoughts.
  3. Anxiety Stopping Techniques. Also because I have always had an anxiety disorder I have being taught ways to cope with it. And I have taken the techniques that I found to work for me with me everywhere. And I have been able to use them in stressful situations.
  4. Coping Mechanisms. Because of my anxiety I have always been aware of what coping mechanisms are. And because of my anxiety I have been able to know how to use these on not just my anxiety. Because of the anxiety I find that I am more self-aware of when I should be using a moping mechanism and how to go about doing that.
  5. Coping. Just coping in general is something that I have always had to be able to do. Because of my ever-present anxiety I have had to be able to find a way to cope and be able to just go about my day. It surprises me when a friend or even just someone I don’t know goes through anxiety and doesn’t know how to deal with it. For me it’s just apart of life.
  6. How To Deescalate. Though I find that I still need to work on this one, I do know ways to deescalate myself. When I am feeling to anxious in a situation I have tools and techniques on how to be able to get my anxiety to go down. Though I sometimes can’t find a way to use these tools I know that I have them if I need them.

So even if anxiety is something that can be horrible on the person I know that I learned these lessons along the way to figuring out how to work with and around my anxiety.

And I probably still have many lessons still to learn.

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