5 Myths About Depression

Depression has many myths that many still believe. And thought it has gotten better with many people given real stories and information to the word (Something I will forever be happy and grateful for) it can still be a problem with these persisting myths.

  1. It Goes Away. Depression does not go away. It will always be with you. It’s like a miasma constantly surrounding and clocking you. It will never go away, but with time it can be better to handle.
  2. Happy People Can’t Be Depressed. Just because someone looks happy does not mean that they are like that behind the mask. They could be faking it, just to not have to worry anybody else. Or they could just be happy in that moment, but like number 1 depression is still with them. Even in those happy moments.
  3. ____ Will Help. This could be someone telling you that candles or this specific thing will help. They could know because they read it online, or because they know someone who it helped, or it worked for them. But one thing I learned is that there is no one thing that will help every depressed person. Some things help one person but has no effect on the other. You just have to find the things that help and work for you specifically.
  4. Medication Will Fix Everything. Yes sometimes medication can help someone who is depressed. It can work great for some people. But it can be a long process to getting to the medication that works for you. Not all depression medication works for you. And sometimes you will find that it doesn’t help. But once you do find the right medication it will help soften the symptoms. But it will not be a cure-all, your depression will still be there, and you will still be able to feel it. But medication can help sooth some things.
  5. You’ll Snap Out Of It Eventually. There is no ‘snapping out it’ for depression. You won’t just go from being really depressed to suddenly happy and fine. It will be a slow process of getting back to even footing. And I repeat Depression Does Not Suddenly Go Away. But you will get back to a better place eventually, you just have to keep on walking to get there.

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