4 Things I Hate Having to Write

I love writing, I am also someone who is writing her first novel. But some things I just hate having to write. So I decided to out the 4 things I hate writing.

  1. Fight Scenes. I do not like having to write these. I am not a fighter, and I really don’t like having to write fight scenes. I feel like they never turn out they way they should. And I don’t think they sound natural. It doesn’t help that I end up going into too much or to little detail.
  2. Clothing. Describing the clothing my character is wearing is something I find difficult. I don’t know how to describe the clothing that I am picturing inside my head. I especially find that dresses are very difficult to describe. I find that with this also I over or under describe.
  3. Features. Now this is one that I don’t have to much of a problem with. It’s just that I have trouble with how much information I am supposed to give. Or if I should just dump all the information all at once or space it out.
  4. Back Story. I am actually a writer who has a whole history on all of my characters all the way back to the founding of their families. It’s just that I tend to put too much of this information into one conversation. So I tend to have to go back and edit it a lot.

And their you have it. The 4 things that I hate having to write. Of course most of these things are unavoidable when writing a novel. So I will just have to live with doing these and hopefully get better at them in the process.

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