10 Things You Need To know About Autism

Autism is getting more and more coverage, but sometimes there are still things that confuse people. Well here are ten things that you should know about autism, coming from the perspective of an autistic individual.

  1. Girls Get Autism Too. A lot of people are surprised when they find out that I have autism, some even skeptical that a girl can have autism. Well it true, most girls are diagnosed later on than boys, averaging in their late twenties even. Not to mention that most girls are often misdiagnosed with other disorders before reaching the autism diagnose. This needs to change, girls can and do have autism, we need less stigmatization that only boys get autism.
  2. Not All People With Autism Act The Same. We all have our different traits and personalities. Just because you know one person with autism does not mean you know them all. This especially does not mean that person does not have autism because they don’t act like the person you know with autism. We all have our own traits, our own behaviors. We are our own people, autism does not make up our who selves.
  3. We Are Never Too Autistic Or Not Autistic Enough For Something. Just because a person has high or low functioning autism does not mean that we can or can’t do something. High Functioning autistic people still have problems and struggles with things. Just because they are high functioning does not mean that their symptoms are dulled. And just because the person is low functioning does not mean that they are not capable of great things.
  4. Meltdown’s Are Not Acting Out. Meltdowns happen when an autistic person get too much sensory input or when they can’t handle the situation anymore. We don’t mean for this to happen but it does. We can’t help it and yelling will only make it worse. We don’t need to be yelled at, we don’t need spankings, we need out of the situation and to be able to calm down.
  5. Communication is hard. I know it can be frustrating for someone to be trying to find out what is wrong, or what they are feeling. But let me tell you it is frustrating for us too. We have trouble communication what is wrong or what we are feeling. It can be hard for us to figure out the right words to say or even have trouble untangling the mess that is our own emotions.
  6. Don’t Lie. Autistic are generally very honest and blunt individuals, we tend to expect that from you too. And I know that when you promise something sometimes you are not able to keep it. And that can cause anger and frustration on the autistic who put their trust that you would not be lying. It might not be on purpose but it’s still a blow when its found out. Tell them when you are not sure if you can do something, tell them that you can’t promise that at this exact time you can do that thing together.
  7. Teasing And Sarcasm Can Be Frustrating. Like with number six, we are honest and blunt. sarcasm and teasing can be taken as you saying something factual. It can hurt when we take your fun teasing are you saying something true. Don’t get mad or frustrated with us if we take what you said seriously.
  8. Try Not To Interrupt Our Scheduled or Routine. Yes some things are unavoidable, and some things can be changed. But we need this routine, it helps us through our daily life. And we can probably understand if its something unavoidable or if you just want to hang out with us. But please understand that we are comfortable with our routine and sudden changes to it leave us floundering and frustrated maybe even panicked. It can even cause us to have a meltdown, so try not to do it, maybe even give us some warning if you can.
  9. Our Senses Don’t Act Like Yours Do. We have Sensory Processing Disorder. That means that the things that you see, hear ,taste, or smell can be different from what you do. Loud sounds or specific textures can cause panic and meltdowns. We might not be able to be in a loud room with a bunch of people, or be able to touch a certain type of fabric. We are not just being stubborn or picky it can hurt us to be around these types of things.
  10. We Are People Too. Again we are not just our autism, sure we have our limitations but that does not mean that we are less of a human being. We can have our own likes and dislikes outside of what out autism tells you. We can like going out to the park for runs, or going to the gym for a work out. We can like to paint or love scary movies. We are individuals all different. We may have the same problems and experiences autism wise but we will all be different. So get to know us.

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