10 Things I learned While Working On The Second Draft of My Novel

  1. Don’t mass delete. Don’t just start listening to your writer mood swings about how terrible your work is. It can get better, this is the stage you start making it better. Don’t just delete pages upon pages because you think it’s horrible, stop take a break and thinks on it, does it really need to be deleted?
  2. There will be spelling and grammar mistakes. It’s going to happen don’t be surprised or feel stupid when you do. This is what the second draft is for.
  3. Go through it more than once. Go through if hundreds of times, go through it until you have it memories looking for everything that needs fixing or added or to be lessened. I guarantee you that every time you go through it again you will find something that needs fixing.
  4. Get someone else to go through it. Get multiple people to go through it. Because of number three you should have your work memorized. But that means you will miss mistakes, others will point it out two you. This should be broadened with the types of help to get
  5. Get Beta Readers/Critique Partners/Sensitivity Readers. You will need most of these. Beta readers will read your work from a reader’s point of view and point out mistakes. Critique partners will read your work from a writer’s point of view and point out your mistakes. Sensitivity readers are for people who have sensitive topics that they will read and point out any bias or misinformation. And yes, you need these.
  6. Get it sent to a professional editor. It might seem pointless after doing all that work with betas/Critiques partners and such, but these people are people who will be able to spot out any, and all errors. They are paid to be able to do this. Nobody likes reading a book with errors in them.
  7. It will never feel done, send it out anyway. Now you should still spent lots of time working on it. But at some point you are going to have to set it free. You might not feel satisfied with it, or like its perfect, but you never will.
  8. The anxiety never goes away. You will feel giddy about the whole release processes but the anxiety will always be hanging around. You just have to work through it. This work is your baby, of course you will always feel anxious about setting it into the world. But we don’t keep our real children locked away in a safe to be protected do we?
  9. Your work will be criticized. People will look at your work and find errors, find flaws in the plot. They will be people who don’t like your characters. And yes you may want to punch them or smack them over the head with said book but you can’t. It’s bound to happen. Not everybody in the world likes the same books as you, the same will be said about your book.
  10. If lost ask for advice. There are tons of writers on the internet, some who have written way more books than you. And you know what? Lots of them have been through the same process that you are going through. Don’t know how to find a beta reader? Ask. Someone author is bound to be able to help. Don’t know what professional editor to go to out of the thousands on the internet? Ask. Someone will help you

You will get through this. But these are the ten things that I learned through this process and will continue to use. I hope this helps you through this process.

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