10 Things I didn’t Know I needed For Writing A Novel

There are many things I learned about myself in the process of writing the first draft of my first written novel. Like that I am horrible at grammar or that writing on two hours of sleep in the span of two days is a very bad idea. But here are ten things that I didn’t know I needed.

  1. Coffee. All the coffee. I went through cups and cups of coffee. I am not even a big fan of coffee, but I became one through sheer need. Without coffee I would not have been able to finish the first draft of this novel, and I will probably need it as I get through the second. If this does not apply to you and you are a person who can get by without coffee then congratulations you lucky bastard! But I am not one of your alien kind. I now need coffee to survive.
  2. A thesaurus. I never actually though I would use the thesaurus but it surprised me how often I had to find another way to word something to make it sound right. Or because of the ever-present repetitive use of a word was. But I used the hell out of my thesaurus.
  3. Mass Text. I am not one of those people who mass text people all the time. I barely if ever have enough people to mass text. But when I am trying to get some writing done and people are texting me for this or that it can suck. So a quick ‘Do not disturb writing in progress’ is mass sent to everyone I can then revel in the silence as I write.
  4. Easily Eaten Food. This was actually something that was will probably continue to be apart of my life because I don’t cook. But I really was thankful for the easy made/eaten food when I was done a writing binge and remembered that I haven’t eaten in days. So thanks proceed foods.
  5. YouTube Or Any Other Place To Listen To Music. Music is great for my writing process. When I am trying to picture how a scenes tone is I just listen to a song that fits it perfectly. Or when I am just listening to some music it can inspire a great scene idea that happen to be what I was missing for that chapter. It was a life saver for me.
  6. The Library. I know that nobody really goes to the library anymore, but it was a really big help for finding information about topics that are present in my book. And plus the information desk can help you find what you need. Or even show you where you can find the answer to the question you asked. So thank you library staff for helping me find those twenty books and varying topics that seemingly didn’t have anything to do with each other.
  7. Pinterest. This one really surprised me. I found Pinterest was a great place to find inspiration for a character or a story. It really helped me with planning out the look and feel I was trying to go for in my novel.
  8. Beta Readers. Before the writing process I didn’t even know what that was. Especially didn’t think that I would need one. But thanks to some helpful advice I was pointing into the direction of Beta Readers. I am thankful for them for pointing out my mistakes and saving me some money as they left less work for the professional editors to do.
  9. A Comfy Work Space. It seems kind of obvious now but I had to learn that spending hours sitting in a stiff hard chair for hours really was not good for me or my writing process. Thankfully that has been fixed.
  10. An Outline. I had heard of outlines here and there but didn’t think that I would need one. I was wrong. My stories always go off on tangents of veer of into different directions. Sometimes even change drastically. Once I tried out an outline I found that it really helped me stay on track. It doesn’t have to be a very detailed outline, it could just be all the major plot points with things that happen in between. But it does help you sort out what happens when.

Well there you go, then things that I learned in the process of writing out the first draft of my novel. I hope this helps you avoid the mistakes I made and makes your writing process smother then mine was. Oh well, it was a great learning process.

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