Life as a Writer, Blogger, and Average Human

Here you will find a showcase of everything that I have learned about Writing process, along with the hows that I am going about getting through writing my current manuscript. you will find all the I have found that works for writing a book. Because let’s face it, writing is hard. So maybe I can make it a little easier for you.

But that is not all that this blog is focused on.

Here you can also find advice and testimonials about going through and trying to live life while having depression, anxiety and being on the autism spectrum.

So you can find the ins and outs of trying to combat anxiety and depression. Along with what can be used to combat anxiety inducing situation. And what living with these disorders are really like.

And of course you will also find the ins and outs of living on the with autism as a grown woman. And everything that goes along with that.

You can also see some of the short stories that I currently have done under the My Writing section if you are curious about my writing style or the types of things that I write. So be sure to check that out.

Not to mention book reviews (with a huge focus on LGBTQ+ books)

And last but not least if you want to see more of me you can find me on social media by searching Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr all under Anastasia Curtis, or by clicking the links in the sidebar.

Hope you have a great day.

Anastasia Curtis